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About Premier Website Design Company, Ann Arbor

We are an innovative, experienced website design company in Ann Arbor, MI focused on mobile-first and responsive WordPress website design


B+Kreatief exists to help people and brands cut through the digital noise, connect and captivate their audience in a world of 280 characters and always-on mobile consumers. We create WordPress websites with a focus on Mobile-First website design in Ann Arbor.

We are fueled by a passion for creative website design and innovative solutions. Creating and growing brands, engineering innovative online functionality that is user-centric, and making the web a better place for all is what we are all about.


Your brand and website tell a story and create an experience for the people you want and need to connect with. It is how you communicate with your online audience. B+Kreatief, as an innovative Website Design Company in Ann Arbor will guide you through that process step by step and make you stand out from the digital noise. We create and develop brand strategies, websites and e-commerce stores that connect brands to consumers.


We are B+Kreatief, an innovative web design agency based in Ann Arbor, MI, and working with clients throughout North America and Europe. We build visually stunning mobile-first websites and love doing it. In other words, we are a truly mobile digital design team. But what does that mean for you? How will we help you achieve your online vision?

Well, if you are looking for a big agency with impressive offices, big conference rooms, and lots of project managers we will not be a good fit. But if you are looking for a fun and exciting team that can take your innovative web design project to the next level we are all ears!

Designing for mobile-first does not mean that we only create mobile websites, on the contrary. With our 20+ years of experience we have realized that the majority of users are using their mobile devices to access information on the internet. Since our designs are user-centric, we focus our attention first on the mobile experience. We do not create a website for the desktop and deliver a watered down version in the mobile environment.  In the mobile-first version we make sure all relevant information of your brand is offered to the visitors. In the desktop space, we enhance the information, in other words, additional resources are loaded strictly on an as-needed basis to platforms that can handle them well. This makes your website faster, easier to use and more focused on the needs of the visitors.

For a modern website, everything that influences the user experience matters. Your website is one of the most important points of contact with your customers, as well as a long-term and measurable brand marketing asset.

Technology has changed the nature of interactions between individuals and organizations. The existing codes are changing, and marketing is beginning to center on the individual. The quality of the user experience attracts and retains customers. Each interaction impacts the rational and emotional appreciation of products and services, and as a result changes the value consumers give your brand.

The user experience differentiates each company from its competitors, determines customer loyalty and makes people into brand ambassadors. A quality user experience is therefore an essential, sustainable and profitable competitive advantage. Whatever their degree of maturity, all companies must invest in their UX.

The UX strategy also applies to the entire company. It translates the brand’s values into real experiences. It embodies the purpose of an organization in the eyes of its clients, partners, employees, and management.

We think website design goes further than just a beautiful exterior. The real value of website design lies in thinking in the right way. A process with which you work towards new, relevant solutions that have a positive impact on organizations, products or services. Design thinking focuses on the end user. It starts with really empathizing with your customer’s problem. And gain an understanding of the needs and motivations of the people involved in the entire organization: employees, customers and suppliers.

We engage people with brands, by placing people first.


Your brand and unique voice are the most important element of your business. It is what makes you stand out from the digital noise, and how you communicate with your online audience.

As digital designers we believe less is more. Less words, more connection. Less noise, more clarity. Attention is valuable in our information overload space age. We help you find your own unique voice, connection and resonance with your target audience.

We are innovative, creative and highly caffeinated people who work closely with our digital design partners to bring your digital dreams to life. We create the artwork and digital space that captures your essence, your symbol, your authentic self.

Our innovative web design team comes up with original ideas and turns them into digital designs that are both innovative and functional. Taking on thought-provoking projects that challenge us creatively and make us go the extra mile is what we consider a way of life.


push the digital envelope
take web design to the next level
focus on our clients and their needs
build innovative digital solutions
combine creativity and functionality
break things to improve them
use our dog’s antics as inspiration
laugh a lot


design in cubicles
accept limitations
use pre-built themes or templates
have a “one size fits all” mentality
put design before function
take shortcuts
drink bad coffee
work late on weekends

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Website Design

We believe in creating website designs that stimulate the intellect and stir the soul.

Since starting in 1997, we’ve helped our clients to establish a unique presence on the internet. From the initial design to final delivery, we are fanatical about coming up with creative and original website design solutions. Our comprehensive approach has been developed and refined over the course of hundreds of projects in Orange County California and across the world. We are obsessed about the details and are not happy until our clients are happy.
In the U.S., 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only (they rarely use a desktop to access the web) and there are over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. For us this is reason enough to focus on mobile-first user-centric website design. By using progressive enhancements B+Kreatief creates websites first for the mobile user.

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