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WordPress Website Design for Barbara Lee Grigsby

Santa Barbara website design for Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates, Interior Design

Interior Design Santa Barbara, CA

WordPress Website Design for Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates, a premier Interior Design Agency in Santa Barbara, CA

The company has been a client with our website design agency for a long time. They asked us to update their website to a responsive WordPress website. This would allow for better visibility on all devices like mobile phones and tablets. We created this version of their portfolio website mainly to better showcase the interior designs of Barbara Lee Grigsby and Associates. By adding portfolios categorized by “rooms”, we were able to show the Interior Designs Barbara has been creating for years.

WordPress Website Design
website design
WordPress Website Design
Interior Design Website Design
Orange County responsive website design

B+Kreatief offers all the services needed for designing, executing and evaluating user experiences. As a Digital Design Agency in Ann Arbor, MI, servicing Santa Barbara, we deliver significant benefits to companies in Ann arbor that are committed to being different and want to be noticed.

In 1997, B+Kreatief started building static HTML websites in Irvine, California. These non-responsive websites were the first building blocks for content sharing on the internet. Today, with the always-on internet, mobile-first and responsive websites are crucial for businesses in Santa Barbara to have commercial success and exposure.

As pioneers in website design and development, we have worked through every stage of its development until web content management systems like WordPress became standards. B+Kreatief has led the pack in website building practices and web development tools.

Today, user experience is the starting point for our website designs. We look at how and where a website is used and whether it needs special features and more (or less) sophisticated digital marketing functions for Ann Arbor.

For a modern website, everything that influences the user experience matters. Your website is one of the most critical points of contact with your customers and a long-term and measurable brand marketing asset.

Technology has changed the nature of interactions between individuals and organizations. The existing codes are changing, and marketing is beginning to center on the individual. The quality of the user experience attracts and retains customers. Each interaction impacts the rational and emotional appreciation of products and services and as a result changes the value consumers give your brand.

The user experience differentiates each company from its competitors, determines customer loyalty and makes people into brand ambassadors. A quality user experience is therefore an essential, sustainable and profitable competitive advantage. Whatever their degree of maturity, all companies must invest in their UX.

The UX strategy also applies to the entire company. It translates the brand’s values into real experiences. It embodies the purpose of an organization in the eyes of its clients, partners, employees, and management.

We are B+Kreatief, a full-service digital agency. We help our clients provide their customers with the best possible experience. We combine design, technology and insights to create topnotch digital solutions centered around customer needs and behavior.

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In the ever-changing digital world, adaptability is critical. At B+Kreatief, innovation is a core element in every project. We use Agile, multi-disciplinary teams to respond quickly to technological advancements and changing needs.

By combining design, technology and insights, we create top-notch digital solutions centered around customer needs and behavior. Our success in web site design is rooted in our deep understanding of people. We know how they interact, decide, and buy. We recognize their desire for convenience. We ensure every interaction in the entire customer journey feels personal. It’s not about the devices they use, it’s about their behavior and expectations.

Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates


Like a painter captures the spirit of their subject, a skilled residential interior designer captures the soul of a home. For high-end designer Barbara Lee Grigsby of Rancho Santa Fe, California, finding the soul of a home is a passion that has driven her career for three decades.

With an experienced eye cultivated from eclectic European design techniques and influences, Barbara will expertly customize the nuanced details and individual essence of your home that reflects your personality, successes, and legacy.

Barbara has attracted clients from around the world. She recognizes that each home must be complete and incorporate some core fundamentals, revolving around a client’s everyday things, remembered places, and moments shared with loved ones. She believes that the home environment should delight the senses, ignite the passions, and provide sumptuous comfort, soothing continuity, privacy, and effortless function.

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