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Web Design and Web Development Projects

A selection of web designs created for our clients in Irvine and Orange County

Responsive Web Design

We believe in creating websites that can be viewed on all devices

Not long ago many businesses did not even have a website. Today everyone from senior executives to sales reps and service technicians expect to take the company website on the road with them. Of course it needs all the functionality it has on the office PC. And that is exactly why you need a responsive business website with a focus on mobile-first. Having a mobile friendly website is essential for any business that wants to be considered tech savvy, or at least aware of modern trends. A professionally designed website is essential for your online success. Your organization is unique. Your website should stand out in the crowd and optimally represent your branding. It needs to reach the right target group, generate more traffic, more conversions and more revenue. Make the best first impression on your newest visitors! B+Kreatief– The Premier Web Design Agency in Ann Arbor, MI.

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In 1997, B+Kreatief started building static, HTML websites in Ann Arbor, MI. These non-responsive websites were the first building blocks for content sharing on the internet. Today, with the always-on internet, mobile-first and responsive websites are crucial for businesses in Irvine in order to have commercial success and exposure.

As pioneers in web design Ann Arbor and website development, we have worked through every stage of its development right up to the point when web content management systems like WordPress became standards. Throughout, B+Kreatief has led the pack in website building practices and web development tools.

Today, user experience is the starting point for our web design projects and website development. We look at how and where a website is used, and whether it needs special features and more (or less) sophisticated digital marketing functions.

For a modern website, everything that influences the user experience matters. Your website is one of the most important points of contact with your customers, as well as a long-term and measurable brand marketing asset.

The user experience differentiates each company from its competitors, determines customer loyalty and makes people into brand ambassadors. A quality user experience is therefore an essential, sustainable and profitable competitive advantage. Whatever their degree of maturity, all companies must invest in their UX.

Technology has changed the nature of interactions between individuals and organizations. The always on web is changing, and marketing is beginning to center on the individual. The quality of the user experience attracts and retains your customers. Each interaction impacts the rational and emotional appreciation of your products and services, and as a result changes the value consumers give your brand.

Our agency is driven by curiosity and passion. We embrace new possibilities and challenging web design projects. Through research and development, we continuously improve ourselves. Adding innovation to web design, web development and digital experiences is what we aim for.

We think web design and web development goes further than just a beautiful exterior. The real value of web design and web development lies in thinking in the right way. A process with which you work towards new, relevant solutions that have a positive impact on organizations, products or services. Design thinking focuses on the end user. It starts with really empathizing with your customer’s problem.

We believe attention should be treated with respect and can only be earned with empathy. That’s why, in everything we do, we strive to produce work that engages people and forges long lasting relationships. It forces us to rethink how brands and people interact, and advocate for communication that adds value to people and the culture they inhabit.

We work with partners, not for clients. This means that we immerse ourselves totally in their organization, work completely transparently, take a critical approach and dare to ask questions – including tough ones. We measure our success only by that of our partners.

Our team at B+Kreatief offers a host of web design services – all intended to ensure a positive user experience for visitors and improve customer satisfaction. Our services include web design,  UX  and UI design, web development, WordPress development, Search Engine Optimization, content management, and maintenance and updates.

We provide unique web designs and web development with a European touch that help your website stand out from other run-of-the-mill sites. The websites we develop are tailored according to your business requirements and aim to improve your online appearance. Whether you belong to a large organization or recently started a new business venture, our web design agency offers a wide range of customized designing services to cater to your individual needs.

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